Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finished Up with the Docs....

Okay, so the day was definitely one filled with more docs and hospitals than I care to see for quite awhile. I started out with my first appointment being at 11:00 am for my pre-op work up. I ended up sitting around until about 12:30. I had my blood drawn, my EKG and then off to another area of the hospital for a chest x-ray. It was frustrating to hear that my blood will have to be drawn again right before the surgery because they only hold the samples for 10 days and my surgery is 11 days from now. I guess they get to ring up a bit more on my insurance for that one. It's okay though because I made it through and everything was okay.

After this, I had to rush down to the sperm bank where I had quite an experience. Let's say the nerves were on high alert as I was faced with having to perform in this setting. I wandered into the "production room" where I was faced with a TV/DVD player, a stack of very quirky porno DVDs and some porno mags to set the mood. There was an ugly leather recliner in there and I was left to my own devices to handle my business. The first sample that came out wasn't a full orgasm but I hoped it was enough for the sample. They screened it and it came up that I was shooting blanks. I couldn't accept that so I went back in and low and behold I came out like a champ. This sample was filled with my little guys swimming like happy goldfish! My boys can swim! They were able to create three vials from this and I will go back 4 more days for additional deposits.

All of this is truly quite a lot to take in but at the end of the day, I am just doing everything that I can to take care of my responsibilities and myself. My diet wasn't that great today as I didn't have much time to eat. I will have a very healthy dinner tonight and get back on my game tomorrow. I did get one last bit of good news yesterday. My brother will be coming to NYC for the surgery with my mother. That is huge for me. Well that's it for tonight. Tomorrow is just a day of work.

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