Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Night Before My Tests....

The night has wound down and I've been in pretty good spirits so far. I started out wondering what all I would do with the information that I received from the nutritionist today. I have decided that there are some very good tips about how to lead my life in a more relaxed and healthy manner from a stress and diet standpoint that I am sure are quite helpful and I will follow them. I don't think I will am willing to go as extreme as they want given the short time that I have before my surgery. I don't want to make food an issue and add stress where there doesn't need to be. I am going to give up sugar, coffee and eat more raw veggies and fruits. I don't drink alcohol, use drugs or smoke cigarettes so I'm already fairly clean. I also don't eat beef or pork. I will give up poultry now and limit my meat intake to only fish and only a couple of times a week. I am feeling quite lucky to have the support group that I have around me from family to friends and even to people whom I have never met who are willing to talk with me about what I am going through and share their experiences. I am blessed from that standpoint. I will also further my relationship with G** and find more time to meditate during this period. Silence is a good friend at times.

Oh and I ate those carrots I spoke about earlier. They weren't that fresh so I just had a bowl of soup and the hummus. Still quite tasty.

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