Monday, October 6, 2008

Today's doctors' visits were uneventful and not very "Sham-Wow"...

I'm sure that you have all seen that irritating commercial that has this guy on there who they must have grabbed off of the street with the personality of the greasiest of a greasy used car salesmen, no offense to any greasy used car salesmen out there reading my blog or non-greasy used car salesmen. Well that guy is about as irritating as having to go to the doctor on a regular basis. Come on, they already ripped my organs out, what else do they want? My soul??? Well my first visit was really just giving a urine sample for a urinalysis test to make sure my kidneys are functioning properly. I seem to be having a bit of an issue with them but I'm thinking that it is probably nothing big but it is much better to be safe than sorry. Nothing scary came up on the CT Scan results so now it is more of a test to see if they are functioning properly.

The second visit was with my new gastroenterologist to go over why I am having this severe pain in my abdomen and to talk about the thickening of my sigmoid colon and the narrowing of it because of this. Once again, nothing that I am overly worried about but I will be damned if I am not diligent about getting myself checked out after this last bout with cancer. I am awaiting a call back from his office now to schedule a colonoscopy which will take place in 3 weeks or so. I will have the urinalysis results back in a week. Until then, I'm on the wait and see.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

This Week Should Be Interesting....

I can't believe that I have 4 doctor's appointments in one week. Tomorrow I have to go to my original Urologist who discovered my prostate cancer because I am having some odd thing going on with my kidneys or something. For the past week I have been passing white sediment in my urine so we are going to do a urinalysis. After I leave his office, I will go upstairs in the hospital to my new friend, the Gastroenterologist, to discuss the findings from a couple of weeks ago on my CT Scan. It appears that I have thickening of my Sigmoid Colon. Oh joy! On Tuesday I am supposed to see my Surgeon/Oncologist but more than likely will push that off since I just saw him a couple of weeks ago but who knows, maybe I'll keep the appointment. Finally on Friday I get to see my new primary care physician that is supposed to be one of the top guys out there for me. He is actually my urologist's doctor so I trust that he will be amazing. So that's it for me this week. All of this after catching a cold on my birthday this past Friday. Let's just say that lately, I have one hell of a life. Let's not get into the personal side of it, that's truly insane lately.