Friday, August 21, 2009

Lots of things have happened lately...

Well where do I begin? I guess the most logical is why have I been so slow or lax in my postings? Well I have moved from NYC to Houston, TX to build my nonprofit foundation, "Voices of Survivors" here. It has been such an amazing transition and to be honest, complete transformation. The support here is overwhelming and I can see so many opportunities to grow here and bring more awareness about cancer and 'Survivorship' to everyone.

Last week, I was back in NYC having my three month blood work done and I am so happy to say that my PSA level was less than 0.01! I am 15 months out from my surgery and no sign of cancer! Obviously I am on top of the world! I will still continue my three month tests just to be on the safe side since I had focal positive margins. As far as any incontinence or erectile dysfunction, I am not experiencing either of those in the slightest. I do have a bit of an issue of having to urinate frequently and when I do, oft times the volume is quite low. My oncologist wants me to monitor it/check levels and frequencies as well as monitor my fluid intake to see what's going on before doing a scope. It could just be scar tissue but we are being on the safe side and going to study it.

Tomorrow is a huge day for me and "Voices of Survivors". Tomorrow I leave for Dublin, Ireland as a delegate for the LiveSTRONG Global Cancer Summit. I cannot even put into words how honored and humbled I am by being selected for this. I will publish a huge write up on the event when I return. Definitely check out "Voices of Survivors" as there will be lots of stuff going on there as well as I will be twittering about it. My Twitter name is 'survivors'. Until next time...LiveSTRONG!