Monday, March 23, 2009

Catching Up...

Well it has been awhile since I've been back here on my blog to update it but I guess that's what happens post treatment. I'm am now recommitting myself to be better at keeping up with my blog. Since I last wrote, I ended up having a few freak outs due to the large volume of study data that has been released lately on prostate screenings, procedures etc. A little internet knowledge can be quite dangerous as we all know so I try to keep myself in check and talk with friends in the medical research arena to give me better ideas of who is doing the studies etc. Freak outs are at bay now.

I have started to have a new problem in the past few months. This is a problem that I'm not even sure why it is happening. I have started having intense pain in my rectum/pelvic floor after orgasms either during sexual intercourse or masturbation. It doesn't seem to matter. Initially I thought that it was a position that could have caused it but it really doesn't matter. The pain subsides within 5 minutes or so but it is very intense when it happens. I have my next PSA test in a few weeks and I will be discussing this with my oncologist/surgeon then. I probably will write him a letter as well to see what he thinks that it could be.

Of course I have already looked online to see if I could find any clue. It seems that it does happen to some men. One explanation was that there are seminal vesicle remnants left behind. They recommend a coil MRI to see if that is the case. I am dreading that one because it is not a fun test in the slightest. That was what they used when they looked at my prostate post biopsy pre-surgery and I don't want to do it again. If I have to, I will though.

On the erection side, I've been waking up with erections again which is awesome. I am fully functioning and my continence is very good. Every now and then I still deal with a couple of drops leakage if I'm tired and cough or strain but otherwise, I'm a-okay! Well it is late and I must hit the hay but will definitely be better about being on here regularly again.