Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots of Amazing News!!!

Well today was an amazing day. I was invited to be on the "Doctor Radio" show on Sirius/XM radio this afternoon and it was great. The entire focus of the show was Prostate Cancer and believe me, I feel like an expert on it by now! I was on the full hour with both hosts and a doctor/researcher from NYC Medical Center. There were quite a few callers calling in asking specific questions regarding PSA scores and DREs. I was able to share my story of how I was diagnosed and then finally making it through my surgery to where I am now. I am going to be on the show again in August to talk about my nonprofit organization: "Voices of Survivors". It should be a fantastic show and I'll be able to share more about what it is all about then.

So that was today, but what happened last week was truly amazing! As you know, if you follow this blog at all, last November I founded "Voices of Survivors", a nonprofit dedicated to helping all 'Survivors' share their 'voice' and help define 'Survivorship'. Well I was selected as a delegate for the upcoming LiveSTRONG Global Cancer Summit. I will be headed to Dublin, Ireland to share the message of "Voices of Survivors" with the global cancer community. I look forward to meeting and working with other advocates from around the world on this global mission. What an amazing ride this cancer journey has been. Do I wish that I would have never had to have this? Most definitely! Am I taking lemons and making lemonade? Without a doubt! I am living STRONG and will continue to do so each and every day whether cancer comes back or not...nothing will stop me now!