Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pad Free Days....Dream or Reality???

Well, I've talked a lot about my incontinence after the surgery which is a normal thing. I'm supposed to do my Kegel exercises regularly but to be honest I tend to forget with all that is going on in life. I'm sure that if I would be better about following my regiment this little problem would pass faster than it is. It is getting better though and yesterday I forgot to put a pad on and I was dry all day! Now I pretty much slept all day and laid around the house but the point is I was pad free. I will attempt this again today just to see how I do. I won't try it during the week yet as I'm in the office and couldn't deal with having a big wet spot appear in my pants in front of everyone. That would pretty much do me in. So I have hope now that this will soon just be a wet memory.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting Old Body Back Now

Okay so prior to cancer and life taking over from a work sense I was in amazing shape but with work stress and more recently the past few months dealing with cancer, I've gotten out of shape. Last night I was looking around in some of my old folders on my computer and found a picture from a couple of years ago that really upset me and inspired me to say "Screw Cancer" and get back to the old me.

I was recently given the go ahead to get back on my bike so that's what I've been doing and am looking forward to riding in the NYC Century ride coming up in September but I really want to be in the best shape of my life now. Riding has been interesting. The first day out, I was really sore in the area where my surgery was done. I had to literally stand the last 3 miles of my ride because it hurt too much to sit down. It has since gotten better.

In regards to the incontinence, I'm almost past that. I've even had a few days I forgot to put on the old depends pad. I'm not comfortable enough yet to go an entire day without one but I may try it next week. We'll see.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It Has Been a Little Over a Week...

Well it has been a little over a week since I last posted on here and felt that it was about time to put down all that has happened lately. Last Friday I had a little freak out. I had emailed my initial doctor whom introduced me to my surgeon to ask about his thoughts on my pathology report. He said that given the focal positive margin that I have, there is a 20-30% chance that it will return at some point. That really hit me hard given that I had an undetectable PSA reading on my first blood test after the surgery. He said that he wouldn't rush to give me radiation therapy at this point given the odds but we will watch the PSA now going forward. I knew that already but it really sucked to hear.

On happier news, I was given the thumbs up to get back on my bike. So that's exactly what I did this week. I saddled up on Sunday after a 5.5 mile walk and rode for 12.4 miles. It was great until the last 3 miles when my legs were shot and I was sore as could be where the surgery was performed. A 12 mile ride shouldn't do anything to me as I rode quite a bit before the surgery. I rested a few days and saddled up again last night and road another 12.2 miles (2 laps around central park) and I felt fine! No soreness, not exhausted, nothing. I could have actually ridden at least another lap around the park but will hold off so I can ride tomorrow. Sunday I will ride for 18.3 miles. The goal is to ride in the NYC Century Ride on September 7th. That's about it for now.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow...Time Flies When You are Having Fun...

Having fun? Well if having fun is still battling the daily battle of slight incontinence then you are damn right I am having fun! Okay, so I'm being a bit sarcastic but I find that this helps at times when I get frustrated with this. Today I had a rough one, I ended up having old faithful strike towards the end of the day and right down my damn leg! I could lie and say it didn't bother me but to be honest it did. I had actually been doing quite well and could have even done without a pad a few days last week but this weekend I took a road trip out of town to look at a new house I am looking at moving into and I guess I pushed myself too hard or something. I also got lax on my Kegel exercises and that in conjunction with my exhaustion was a recipe for wet underwear!

This week I am going to get back on target and focus more on the exercises and give myself some breathing room to relax and refocus. I seemed to do better when I can do that. I hope that next blog entry finds me with dry drawers and something truly positive to report!