Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting Old Body Back Now

Okay so prior to cancer and life taking over from a work sense I was in amazing shape but with work stress and more recently the past few months dealing with cancer, I've gotten out of shape. Last night I was looking around in some of my old folders on my computer and found a picture from a couple of years ago that really upset me and inspired me to say "Screw Cancer" and get back to the old me.

I was recently given the go ahead to get back on my bike so that's what I've been doing and am looking forward to riding in the NYC Century ride coming up in September but I really want to be in the best shape of my life now. Riding has been interesting. The first day out, I was really sore in the area where my surgery was done. I had to literally stand the last 3 miles of my ride because it hurt too much to sit down. It has since gotten better.

In regards to the incontinence, I'm almost past that. I've even had a few days I forgot to put on the old depends pad. I'm not comfortable enough yet to go an entire day without one but I may try it next week. We'll see.

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