Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow...Time Flies When You are Having Fun...

Having fun? Well if having fun is still battling the daily battle of slight incontinence then you are damn right I am having fun! Okay, so I'm being a bit sarcastic but I find that this helps at times when I get frustrated with this. Today I had a rough one, I ended up having old faithful strike towards the end of the day and right down my damn leg! I could lie and say it didn't bother me but to be honest it did. I had actually been doing quite well and could have even done without a pad a few days last week but this weekend I took a road trip out of town to look at a new house I am looking at moving into and I guess I pushed myself too hard or something. I also got lax on my Kegel exercises and that in conjunction with my exhaustion was a recipe for wet underwear!

This week I am going to get back on target and focus more on the exercises and give myself some breathing room to relax and refocus. I seemed to do better when I can do that. I hope that next blog entry finds me with dry drawers and something truly positive to report!


sis said...

Hi Lynn,
I really admire your open and positive attitude throughout your cancer treatment. I discovered you on Planet Cancer, where I have been an "onlooker." My sister has been active on "The Planet" and I can't tell you how much your hugs and support has meant to her. She has had a terrible time coping, and you and the others on "The Planet" have really made a wonderful difference. Right now, I choose to remain anonymous because I feel you are HER friend, and The Planet is HER place, and I don't want to infringe on that or take that away from her. Although I am considering joining incognito as "sis", mostly because I would like to offer my support to everyone too. Oh, and by the way, your not alone with your incontinence problem (although different from you, but I'm sure you can understand the anxiety.) I have Crohns, and they have me on laxatives that sometimes have unpredictable consequences if you know what I mean. Not fun. Especially when you wear thong underwear! Yuck! I always have extra underwear in the glove compartment of my car. ( I'm just waiting to be pulled over for speeding, and pull my underwear out of the glove compartment with my registration) It would probably make the policeman's day! I'm just telling you this because you can probably use a laugh. Take care Lynn, You're not alone! Sis

Robert Scholl said...

Your honesty is so awesome. And I also must share I love going to sleep with a men's pad JUST IN CASE. But unfortunately w/ Rectal Cancer I am not worrying about peeing.

Anyway, great entry and I realize now where we met. i Googled cancer blogs and found yours and was impressed with your honesty.