Thursday, July 17, 2008

It Has Been a Little Over a Week...

Well it has been a little over a week since I last posted on here and felt that it was about time to put down all that has happened lately. Last Friday I had a little freak out. I had emailed my initial doctor whom introduced me to my surgeon to ask about his thoughts on my pathology report. He said that given the focal positive margin that I have, there is a 20-30% chance that it will return at some point. That really hit me hard given that I had an undetectable PSA reading on my first blood test after the surgery. He said that he wouldn't rush to give me radiation therapy at this point given the odds but we will watch the PSA now going forward. I knew that already but it really sucked to hear.

On happier news, I was given the thumbs up to get back on my bike. So that's exactly what I did this week. I saddled up on Sunday after a 5.5 mile walk and rode for 12.4 miles. It was great until the last 3 miles when my legs were shot and I was sore as could be where the surgery was performed. A 12 mile ride shouldn't do anything to me as I rode quite a bit before the surgery. I rested a few days and saddled up again last night and road another 12.2 miles (2 laps around central park) and I felt fine! No soreness, not exhausted, nothing. I could have actually ridden at least another lap around the park but will hold off so I can ride tomorrow. Sunday I will ride for 18.3 miles. The goal is to ride in the NYC Century Ride on September 7th. That's about it for now.

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Peter Watson said...

Hey Lynn,
Congratulations on "getting back in the saddle" But I hope that you will be monitoring yourself and not pushing too far. Must be really hot and humid if you're riding today (Sunday) Good luck