Sunday, October 5, 2008

This Week Should Be Interesting....

I can't believe that I have 4 doctor's appointments in one week. Tomorrow I have to go to my original Urologist who discovered my prostate cancer because I am having some odd thing going on with my kidneys or something. For the past week I have been passing white sediment in my urine so we are going to do a urinalysis. After I leave his office, I will go upstairs in the hospital to my new friend, the Gastroenterologist, to discuss the findings from a couple of weeks ago on my CT Scan. It appears that I have thickening of my Sigmoid Colon. Oh joy! On Tuesday I am supposed to see my Surgeon/Oncologist but more than likely will push that off since I just saw him a couple of weeks ago but who knows, maybe I'll keep the appointment. Finally on Friday I get to see my new primary care physician that is supposed to be one of the top guys out there for me. He is actually my urologist's doctor so I trust that he will be amazing. So that's it for me this week. All of this after catching a cold on my birthday this past Friday. Let's just say that lately, I have one hell of a life. Let's not get into the personal side of it, that's truly insane lately.

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