Sunday, April 13, 2008

5th Day of Cancer....

Last night was a night without sleep. I ended up seeing the sun come up this morning. I just couldn't get myself to sleep. I wasn't freaking out, I think it is the anti-biotics which keep me both awake and constipated. I just hung out in bed watching videos and reading stuff online. I forgot to charge my Kindle so I couldn't read that Lance Armstrong book I mentioned the other day. I'm going to charge it in a few so I can read it this evening. Tonight I have to get some sleep though because I see another doctor tomorrow that treated my father-in-law for bladder cancer. He works with diet adjustments etc. I could use this. For years I was a vegetarian and now I eat fish and chicken. I think that this whole thing will make me evaluate what I've been dumping in my body and start to clean my system out. So I talked about it with my wife and she is in agreement with me that it would be a good thing for the both of us to consider the life of the veggie again.

We are going to take off in a few. I was hoping to go to church this morning but due to lack of sleep and my back killing me that wasn't a possibility. I did find a lidocaine patch though that I can put on my lower back to help me make it though the day somewhat pain free. Thank G** for my discovery! Well time for a shower and to get this day started.

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