Thursday, April 10, 2008

30th Hours Since Diagnosis....

Okay, so I know it is normal to be freaking out but damn these waves of fear and sadness are overwhelming. I just left the grocery store with my wife and I almost lost it at the end and on the way home. Today I went to my office for a few hours and said one sentence to the CFO and tears started to stream down. This happened with a few people and then I just had to close my office door and let it out. God, I haven't cried like that since I lost another friend, Eli, to cancer years ago. Around that time, I remember watching the twin towers fall from the roof of my old studio. I saw the 2nd plane crash into the tower and it was like watching my world come apart, I cried then uncontrollably. Those were the last two times that I really cried like that. Now I have this, and this sucks but I'll make it through. Just freaking out a bit, that's all.

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