Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally I Can Look Forward to Sleep...

Every night when I lay down, I can't help but wonder what all is going on inside of my body. How far has is spread? Is it in my bones? Is it in my lymph nodes? Today's news was the best thing that I could have ever heard. Like I said before, I still have cancer but at least now we are all fairly sure that it is contained and and soon I will cut the beast from my body! I will see my surgeon on Friday and then next week I will meet with my urologist next week to go over all options, what I can expect etc. I'm still doing pretty good with my diet. I did have one chocolate mint girl scout cookie and 2 candy whoppers. That wasn't too bad. I also sat in my office next to my Nespresso machine and was able to control myself and not even make a decaf espresso. Now that was true self control!

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