Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day is winding down and I'm exhausted...

Today really was a long one. This medicine keeping me up all night is wearing me down for obvious reasons: LACK OF SLEEP! Tonight I think I'll be able to sleep though as I'm pretty wiped and will take a long hot bath in a few to help relax me. Tomorrow I will be headed upstate to visit a new doctor who specializes in prostate cancer and working with the body through dietary changes as well as vitamin etc. I am only using this as a supplement to my other doctors' work to give me the best chance of beating this beast all together. Even if I didn't have prostate cancer I was planning on visiting him to have him analyze my system to see how my diet has been and what I am missing. Often times it is easy to get lazy with what one eats with the hectic schedules we all live under. I just wish I wasn't having to see him for this reason.

I was thinking about my blog earlier when I was in the shower and thought that there was something that I wanted to put in there but cannot remember it now for the life of me. If I remember tonight, I'll bounce back on and blog it.

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