Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tomorrow I Meet My Surgeon...

What an amazingly odd roller coaster ride these past two weeks have been. I'm a bit staggered at times by it all but at the same time very hopeful and positive that I will be a Cancer Survivor. I'll be heading to bed soon so that I am well rested tomorrow when I head to meet the Doctor who will perform the surgery. I'm nervous but looking forward to the next step. My diet has held up fairly well and I'm drinking a lot more water. That has helped with the constipation that I've had since getting on this antibiotic. I am spending a lot of time talking to others about making sure that they get their prostate checked. If you looked at me, I'd be the last person you would think would have cancer and I'm using that as my entry line into a discussion. I know that this is going to change my life in many ways. One thing I will do is be a strong advocate for cancer research and a vocal person out there encouraging people to get checked.

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