Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's a Hot Tuesday in the City...

I don't even know where to begin. First off, the weather is overly hot so getting out is difficult at best. I saw my nutritionist last week as well as my surgeon. The nutritionist had some quacky ideas that I will consider later but one thing that was beneficial was getting my blood work back and seeing that my Vitamin D level was excessively low. He suggested 2 hours a day in the sun plus Vitamin D supplements. Not too bad actually given that now I have an excuse to leave the office everyday to sit in Central Park. He also wanted to get me on a high concentrated Vitamin C IV 2x a week plus some drug that I would have to import from Mexico. I passed on those but got quite a few supplements/vitamins etc.

I changed my diet radically and have switched to an organic vegetarian diet which is much healthier. I will follow this and take the vitamins and supplements to help make my body stronger and more resistant to cancer coming back.

I saw my surgeon as I mentioned earlier. Basically he scared the crap out of me. He told me that I was lucky and that I had a significant amount of cancer that was aggressive and if I would have waited until the normal age of 45 to be tested, I would not have made it to be a candidate for surgery. That would no longer have been an option for me. Basically I had a death sentence growing inside of me that was killing me fast! There is a chance that it will come back given that I had a focal positive margin. One studies shows a 30% chance of recurrence and a more recent shows a 1 in 44 chance it will come back. It is recommended that I get tested every three months with an ultra-sensitive PSA to see what we see. If it starts to elevate, I will have to have radiation treatments. I am dreading that so I will do everything that I possibly can to fight this beast! I have an awesome Doctor who has taken very good care of me. His assistant is fantastic as well. For now though, I am off to Bryant Park to enjoy some live Poetry readings to relax me.


Javier said...

good to see you're making a comeback. your homie from Steinway Court Vet.

Lynn said...

thanks man! I appreciate you checking my blog out.