Friday, June 20, 2008

"I'm Too Young For This" Gala....

Well last night I had a great time. I went to the "I'm Too Young For This" Gala. If you aren't familiar with the organization, go check out It is a great organization bringing cancer awareness to a much forgotten and ignored group, the age group of 20-40. I'm a little older as I'm 41 but hey, my cancer was growing in me before I hit 40! Honestly, I was a bit shy when I went in which is totally out of character for me and was about to leave but I saw a friend from college who I hadn't seen for years. He came there with his wife to support me during this period of my life. After settling down into a booth in the back of the room, we had a great time and I'm truly glad that I stayed.

I picked up a "Stupid Cancer" t-shirt last night and took it out walking around today after work and everyone on the street was looking it. This older couple stopped me and told me how much they loved it. They wanted to get one themselves. It was awesome! I feel that this shirt will be an opening to talk with others about what I've gone and am going through which may help save someone or at the very least give them some info on a great group.

Now on to my cancer. How's that for a segue? Maybe not the smoothest but that's all that I have for today. This week started out with blood in my urine from pushing myself too hard but finally subsided. The problem is that now I've found myself feeling basically like I did the week after I had my catheter out. I'm leakier than I was a week ago and have pain in my pelvic floor and near my bladder. I'm also guilty of not being as faithful to my Kegel exercises as I should be. I'm making a vow now to better about this and not push myself too hard. This weekend is all about rest! Oh and I get to meet a friend from Facebook that had the same surgery and has been a great friend and mentor during this. It will be wonderful to put a live person to my online friend.

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