Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Day Before Catheter Comes Out...

It's less than 24 hours now that I have to keep this damn thing in. It is literally driving me nuts now. I'm honestly tired of moving and having it poke my bladder which causes shooting pains. Enough of the feeling of having to pee all day and not being able to. Enough of having to get up and drain the bag into the toilet, which I guess is like taking a pee only a bit more humiliating when I look down and see a big tube hanging out of my penis. All of this will soon be over though. Soon I will no longer have to do any of this but I will have a new friend! My new friend will be my men's Depends until I regain my continence. This should only be for a few months hopefully. I will also be getting a prescription for Viagra and Cialis tomorrow for the beginning of the rehab period of the ol' boy. Fun Fun!

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