Monday, May 5, 2008

28th Day of Cancer...

Today was a full day of work and meetings. I almost never had a moment to think once all was said and done. One thing that was good though was that I didn't think too much about the beast growing inside of me. That was a good thing. Another good thing was that I went down to the sperm bank again and left another deposit. I talked to them about my volume and I was concerned about it. It is far less now than it used to be. I asked the tech what was the typical vial count that they collected from each depositor. She said that typically they get two vials. This was a relief because each time they have gotten three vials from me and my sperm count is above average. If we decide to have kids, I have a pretty good shot at it! Tonight is another night of cleaning the house and getting everything in order as I prepare for my family to arrive and my surgery next Monday.

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