Sunday, May 4, 2008

27th Day of Cancer...

Today has been a good day overall. I have been nervous that I was getting a cold before the surgery which would postpone it but it seems that it is really just allergies. I never really get them but this year the pollen is strong here in the city. I decided to go to church this morning at All Souls near my house. It is not the church of my faith which is Quaker but it is something that I have been interested in. I was conflicted about going there and as soon as I sat down this little girl was giving a Credo at the front and what did she talk about? Quakers! I guess that was a sign as to where I should have I will be headed back to the Friends Meeting House next Sunday with my family which will be the day before my surgery.

The rest of today is just going to be filled with cleaning the house and getting everything in order before everyone arrives this week. One thing that I have been putting off is contacting the other person who has had the surgery that my doctor recommended I speak with. I've also not read through the pre-op package. I am going to have to do that today. I'm sure that it is just my own personal fears that have prevented me from doing it. I think that I have shut down a bit mentally and have been in denial for a few days on a certain level. Today is time to fix that.

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