Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ah The Vampires Were Out Today!

So today was another wonderful day at the doctor this morning. Anytime a person can get up and have their blood drawn before 9 a.m. is living the high life. Okay, I kid. That sucks! I was lucky though that I had a great nurse who was able to hit the vein with no problem. As always, I didn't sleep the night before dealing with nerves etc. I'm feeling 90% sure that everything is going to be okay. My last PSA was 0.01 and the one before was 0.00 so that small increase could have been just a calibration error or nothing at all. I'm praying that this one comes in at the same or back to 0.00. The only thing that ever worries me is the fact that I had a focal positive margin so there is a 15% chance or so that it returns. Every three months having to relive this is truly a nightmare but at least I'm above ground to relive this nightmare.

From a sexually functioning standpoint, I'm on top of the world! My surgery was on May 12, 2008 and everything is going swimmers but you know what I mean...the boy is fully functional! I still take the Cialis at 10 mg one time every three days but honestly don't feel that I need it at all. I had an amazing surgeon who spared every possible nerve and as you may have read before, I woke up the day after surgery with an erection and it has been perfect every since!

So last time I wrote, I had blogged about my project: "Voices of Survivors". Well the project is fully off of the ground and it is going great. The response that I am having is phenomenal. I spent the holidays in San Francisco and shot seven more 'survivors' whilst I was there and their stories were amazing. This weekend I will be shooting another person and will have that uploaded on the site as well.

That's about all that is going on in my life right. I'm not sure if I get my results back tomorrow or on Monday but fingers are crossed! I'll blog about it when I get them and try to be much more diligent about my blogging about my cancer.

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