Saturday, December 20, 2008

Catching Up...

Well it has been awhile and so much has gone on in my life since my last post. Let's see, the economy has shit the bed and basically made my life a living hell, I've gone in for a colonoscopy after finding out that there was a thickening of my sigmoid colon and came back with no concrete reason for why this has happened other than they don't suspect it to be cancer related and there are no polyps hanging out in my intestinal track, otherwise known as my poop channel for those who enjoy gross humor..which at times is needed to deal with some of this stuff. I believe that I had mentioned in my last blog or so that my 2nd PSA after my surgery came back with a 0.01 reading. It had gone up from 0.00 but that could actually be a calibration error in the machine so we will see again in January what is going on. The old wait and see stuff really does stink but having a focal positive margin kind of keeps one on his toes.

Everything else seems to be working fine. The incontinence is under control. Every now and then I may have a slight leak when I'm stressed and exhausted but otherwise it's okay! I do have to say that before I could hold it for quite awhile when I had to go to the bathroom but now it kills to try to hold it for very long. Also when I finish urinating I really have to shake the old boy to stop the last drips from coming out. So many times I've put him away too early and had a bit of an accident to contend with. Lesson learned a few times on that one. Oh and as far as the erection side of this process, well that's "solid" as they say. I have decided to get on the cialis 20 mg (36 hour) pills for awhile just to make sure that all is in perfect working order (except for the dry orgasm part but hey...I'm still alive).

On to other news. I have turned all of this tragic stuff into something positive and have launched a new project: "Voices of Survivors". It is in the beginning stages now but I will be expanding it to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization next year to help fully realize the vision. Take a look at it if you get a chance. The first 8 "Survivor" videos are up and tonight I will be putting up 4 more. I spent the afternoon with the guys from "I'm Too Young For This", a great young adult cancer advocacy group, shooting Matthew, Jack, Aaron and Tom for the project. Well that's about it for today.

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